The year 2020 has been a troublesome year for the whole world due to the world pandemic, Covid-19. Almost all sectors of the economy have been greatly affected of which some sectors will take time to revive fully.

Many economic and non-economic activities were at shutdown and social life like communal gathering and others were banned as a measure to curb the spread of the virus. Lockdown was declared in March 2020 in Uganda of which most Senior Six (S.6) leavers were preparing to start applying to the different universities in Uganda and other parts of the world.

Due to lockdown, many students got stranded because all applications were done online and yet some students like those in rural settings could not access internet. This is because most of them did not have smartphones to access university websites and the few who had smartphones, some didn’t know how to apply.

Those within urban settings also suffered since most of the computer centres were locked and others did not have money. Other students would have thought of going to the universities to pick application forms but they couldn’t due to shortage of transport system.

Fortunately, enough, Centre for Skills and Innovation (CSI) came at the right time to help the students with university applications at no cost. The few who got the chance to be helped by CSI connected their friends from the villages and those who could not apply as well and they all applied freely due to the support of CSI.

As a result of the effort and support from CSI, many students were able to apply to different universities like Kyambogo, Makerere, Gulu, MUST and many others. Many students got the chance to be admitted to different universities of which they applied. I was also admitted at Makerere University for Education (Literature and English Language) thus I greatly appreciate the director of CSI and all the CSI team, your support is essential to the young generation.