We provide a wide range of practical training and courses delivered by experts to support your education, professional development and community work.

This is a 1-hour session to orient teachers, education leaders and other stakeholders on practicalities of planning, setting up and running an elearning platform for school and work environments. Cost: Free. Apply now

This is one-on-one interactive talk intended for teenagers, young adults and parents. Duration: agreed before appointment. Cost: Free. Apply now

A 3-week intensive & advanced training on MS Office applications and other digital tools commonly used in office. Ideal for fresh graduates. Certificate issued. Apply now

Online content publishing & citizen journalism is the in-thing. Writing content & sharing on digital platforms is a skill everyone needs. Ideal for bloggers, content publishers and activists. Cost: Free

Designed for CS/IT students or graduates and provides advanced skills in CMS, GIS, Web Development, Project Planning, and other important industry tools.