Uganda is one of the African countries with one of the best Universities on the continent as well as the entire world. There are both Government and privately owned universities, among which are Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Gulu University, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Kampala International University (KIU), Busitema University, Lira University, All Saints University, Lira, etc. (You can also find a list of Top Universities in Uganda from this link ).

Of all these Universities, Makerere is (traditionally) locally and internationally known to be the best in the country. It also ranks as one of the best in East Africa, with Kyambogo and Gulu University and the rest trailing behind. Because of this reputation, over the years, most students want to associate themselves more with Makerere than any other university in Uganda. And for that fact, Makerere has the highest enrollment every year! But what are the disadvantages of being a Makerererean?

This question is actually the beating heart of this article, for the fact that I myself is a graduate of the same, lets get into some insights and experiences that I have about this very much spoken about University.

In today’s article, I will entirely focus the discussion on STRIKE or the peaceful demonstration as the love to call it.

Strike as known to Makerere students is the answer to almost all problems that affect the students, be it fees increment, bad feeding or anything, it’s strike that is the only tool used to approach the problem. At the end of it all, the students are lucky if they win the gamble, otherwise, there are a lot of negative effects that the students have to face.

First of all, the students will have wasted a lot of time during the strike, meaning there is no reading or even lectures during those time. This means the lectures are later rushed and the concept of the unit is not grasped properly by the students. This directly translates in to cramming during tests and examinations by students. If the student passes the exam, well and good, but this means there will be incompetence in future at work places. This issue of cramming without understanding the concept of the unit is actually the main reason why most students fail to perform well at work, simply because they do not have the content required for the job despite having a degree from a known university like Makerere. I have at least witnessed this where am currently working, the staff ration is 98% Makerere students, but we have had situations where some of our senior colleagues do not have an answer for a question on what he has been doing for about 2 years!

Secondly, studying from Makerere gives one a false confidence of superiority. A feeling of superiority directly translates in to disrespect of both one’s colleagues and bosses, the latter is even more suicidal. From an experience point of view, I have seen a colleague fired because of disrespecting his boss, and this was a colleague from Makerere as well. In other words, studying at Makerere exposes one to very high levels of disrespect that is not healthy for job environments.

Then, because one has adopted striking as the only means of resolving any form of conflict, they actually want to apply it at work places, in fact, they do apply it at work places. Again, from an experience example, I have seen workers conflicting highly with their employers over Christmas break last year. This conflict ended in the workers forcefully leaving work place and going on leave. They were later given termination warnings and some of them were actually terminated! Needless to say, all these were former students of Makerere!

The only problem with using force or strike in solving every issue is that one develops this as a habit! And once this has become a habit, there is no turning back! One will always get in to problems with colleagues and employers and will ultimately end up in loss of the job.

Whereas Makerere students are busy obtaining bad manners through strikes, other students from the other humble universities are slowly and steadily developing healthy and good attributes that has actually made them unsuspected best performers at work environments! Needless to say, most employers are currently dodging to employ graduates from Makerere!

In conclusion, as you rush into choosing which university to go to, bear in mind the kind of environment you will be exposed to while at campus, because whatever character you develop while at that campus will ultimately determine your secondary behavior traits and eventually affect your actual career! I have met very many successful graduates who went to any other University than Makerere. It is also true that most graduates from Makerere end up being successful, but there are a number of them who end up worst.


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