The Teachers Support Programme (TSP) provides a comprehensive supports to help teachers to bring about improved learning outcomes for students. While there are many programmes targeting students in schools, there has been very little done for teachers, by way of providing assistive resources and continuous skills training to keep up with new educational trends and standards.Ā 

We believe that teachers must be helped, not only to do their work, but to perfect it, by building their capacity and confidence. Important to note, is the fact that supporting and enhancing the work of teachers creates sustainable outcomes and direct impact for young people in schools. We deviate from workshop-based approach and instead use of a flexible and person-centred approach to embed digital skills, development education and other ideas.Ā 

Become a celebrated teacher.

The effectiveness of a teacher is a cumulative sum of his/her skills, knowledge, experience. There are lots of things that interface with education today. Position yourself for growth, power and success.Ā 

*For only active teachers below the 35 years.Ā 

Development Education

Development Education is an active and creative educationalĀ process to increase awareness and understanding of the world we live in. It challenges perceptions and stereotypes by encouraging optimism, participation and action for a just world.

Digital SKills & ICT4E

The Covid-19 has completely shifted the debate on the role of ICT in Education. ICT4E is now a urgent necessary. But ICTs are also transformational tools which, when used appropriately,Ā Ā canĀ promote the shift to a learner centered environment.

Strengths Philosophy

TheĀ strength-based approach is focusing on the positive attributes, of a person or a group, rather than the negative. Every human being is wired different, and the earlier you learn your strengths, the better you respond to your challenges.Ā