Centre for Skills and Innovation (CSI) is a non-profit, non-partisan, voluntary organization that uses ICT to empower young people to succeed in education & work. CSI aims for a society in which young people have the right skills, leadership abilities and tools to enable them to succeed in today’s digital world.  

We do these through research, advocacy, field projects, education & training, STEM activities/competitions, and social events to reach our target beneficiaries. It is our shared belief that embracing digital technology is no longer a choice but a necessity of our time. CSI was established in July 2019 and is based in Lira, Uganda.


July 2019

Areas of Work

Lira District and greater Northern Uganda

Broad Areas

 ICT, Education and Leadership 

Target Beneficiaries

Children and Young People (below 30 years) 


Non-profit, Development -oriented

Our Values

We are an organisation that promotes learning, innovation and forward thinking.

We are an organization that believes in people-centred solutions, innovations & interventions. 

We value volunteering and the vital role it plays in building resilient & inclusive communities.

We believe that all young people have a right to develop a sense of belonging and empowerment in a fair and just society.

Focus Areas


STEM Advocacy, Digital Inclusion, Internet  Advocacy, ICT4D, Gender in ICT, Open Source, Open Data & Innovation


e-Learning, Development Education, Career Guidance & Advising, Girls Education, Educational Justice & Research


Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Mentorship, Leadership Training 

Our SDGs

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