This is Norman’s story. Norman Ajwer works as a presenter & talk-show host at 97.7 Unity FM radio in Lira. He is also a student at St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor Nursing School in Lacor, in Gulu. Before that, Norman went to Lira Town College, from were he was an active student leader & was a recipient of the prestigious BBC ICON Challenge award which honours the best secondary school journalists for excellence in print & broadcast mass media. Surprisingly, Norman is also author of Forceful Arrivals– a book that relays his experience during the LRA war in northern Uganda. Additionally, Norman writes movie & drama scripts, which further embeds him into the arts/humanities domain.
When we talk about science, we need not undermine the humanities domain, because these two distinct domains complement one another. He is a good example of how one can easily juggle careers in both the arts/humanities & STEM domains. He is keen on finishing his Nursing course, and joining the medical profession, while also following his passion for radio work.

Recently, Norman interviewed Uncle CD Angulu Oruru, a renowned veteran broadcaster who worked with UBC (Radio Uganda) for a long time. You can find the video interview here. What do you learn from his story?

Norman’s first book, released in 2019, the book looks at the history of how the war started; massacres and its effects on northern Uganda. It’s only 123 pages and is quite easy to read and digest.

Norman is only 22, and is quite surprising & inspiring that he has released a book.

To buy, contact him on +256 750 865775