We cannot talk about education today without mention the word elearning. The world has changed. And our education needs to adapt to the changes. It is no longer about distance learning only. It is no longer classroom learning only. It is no longer that the teachers know it all. It is no longer about grades only.

Today, e-Learning is part of learning, and schools should be at the forefront of adopting education technologies in order to improve learning outcomes, improve efficiency in learning, and give students digital skills of the future. 

We work with schools, teachers, educators and other stakeholders to roll-out innovative and sustainable elearning systems and frameworks to support student learning. We believe that every child and student should experience elearning, because it benefits them over the longer term, long after they have left school.  

Using eLearning to do Development Education

Using eLearning to enhance Digital Skills

eLearning to encourage girls to pursue STEM