STEM careers

Today in Uganda, there’s  a huge gap between numbers of students doing arts and sciences, both in high school and universities. Our work focuses on encouraging young youth to pursue or switch to STEM subjects or careers.

Girls Education

We believe that the future will be good if both girls and boys have an equal opportunity to attain education. In Uganda today, the higher the education level, the fewer the number of girls. We want that to change.

Digital Skills & Digital Inclusion

The digital revolution is already upon us, and it is therefore important for young people to attain digital literacy. Good digital skills are very important at schools, at work and even at home. There’s digital everywhere.


ICT in Education (ICT4E) is every important. It’s helps in improving efficiency in schools, while also imparting vital skills to both teachers and students. E-learning & gradual digitization of processes is good.

Skills & Youth Employment

The unemployment rate for young people in Uganda ages 15–24 is 83%. While there are many factors that result in this situation, we provide assistive services to youth to help them serve in other ways.

Continuous Professional Development

We believe that learning never stops. Whether one is working or not, they should continuously learn new knowledge and skills.

Development Education

Development Education is an active and creative educational process to increase awareness and understanding of the world we live in. It means incorporating knowledge of the SDGs in the classroom. 

Transformational Leadership

About 77% of Uganda’s population is below 25 years. It is important to have youth in leadership positions. The best thing to do is to build the leadership skills & capacities of youth, and girls should not be left out.

Open Source software

As much as we encourage digitization & digital inclusion, we are aware of high cost of proprietary software. We believe that open source software and tools provide an opportunity to deploy digital solutions in an open way.