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How to change your official email (webmail) password

Last, CSI gave a number for free "official" emails to young people in Lira. Those emails were set up for them, including the password. However, in order to enhance your own security and privacy, it is important for you to be in a position to change and manage the email. If you have the CSI email, please follow the following steps below to change your password

1. Log into your email (webmail) using the current password. 

2. Go to "Webmail Home". It will take you to another screen. 

3. From the new screen, go to "Password & Security" and click on it. 

4. Enter a new password and confirm it. Save & return to your email. 

Follow the graphics below for guidance. 

Skills Mentorship Programme & CSI Family 

From the on-set, we decide to make young people our primary responsibility. For we believe, the future belongs not to the wise and old, but to the young and healthy young people. As an Africa proverb says, "you can not complete with children" because they are still in the morning of their lives. 

That's why we started the Skills Mentorship Programme - to bring young people together so that we can ignite conversations about education, work,  and their dreams. Be part of this family. Click the button below to join the CSI WhatsApp group

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