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The STEM Organizations in Uganda

In 2005, the Government made sciences compulsory in lower secondary. Despite the rate of failure in science subjects have continued. According to Mulemwa (2004), the average failure rate in non-science subjects in the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) every year is between 10 to 20%. However, the failure rate for science subjects is much higher between 40% up to 60% with the majority of poor performers being girls.

To this end, many organizations stepped in to try to encourage the learners to love science and improve their skills. Today, there are many STEM organizations. They include the following: 

STEM Organizations in Uganda

Apart from CSI, there are other organizations there are actively involved in the STEM movement. These include: 

Oysters and Pearls Uganda 

Women in Technology Uganda (WITU)

STEM Queens Uganda 

Fundi Bots Uganda 

STEMĀ·E Youth Career Development Program Uganda Initiative

STEM Uganda 

Uganda STEM Festival 

e2 Young Engineers


STEM Organizations in Uganda
Centre for Skills and Innovation-Uganda
Lira, Uganda
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