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Launch of Coronavirus Covid-19 Dashboard for Uganda
Coronavirus Covid-19 Dashboard for Uganda

We are excited to official launch and release our Coronavirus Covid-19 Dashboard for public use. This dashboard becomes our 2nd intervention during this global Covid-19 pandemic, the other being the online support for university applications during April-June period. The dashboard provides statistical information about the Covid-19 situation in Uganda and around the World.

During difficult times like these, access to national health data should be timely and reliable. We are aware of the Government of Uganda Covid-19 portal, and Ministry of Health website, which all provide important information about the Covid-19 situation in Uganda. However, as with most government initiatives, these platforms are not regularly updated to march the reality on the ground, especially during weekends. Additionally, the MOH only releases information (and statistics) which they want the public to know, and not everything that the public deserves to know.

Our dashboard provides independent analysis and shares the same datasets with John Hopkins University (JHU) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We believe it will provide a mechanism with which to validate official government figures and data during this fight against the pandemic. Remember that data can only be good and useful if it is verifiable.  

Important to note is that our dashboard was developed using GIS, a far more superior technology than what is current deployed by the Government of Uganda Covid-19 portal. GIS in simple terms is “a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth's surface”.

As Centre for Skills and Innovation, we are again demonstrating how we can use ICT in various spheres of life. In this situation, our intervention is developed as a public-benefit project, which reinforces our focus and belief in “ICT for Development” and “Open Data”- democratizing access to data.

We are happy to contribute, though in small digital ways, to the fight against Covid-19 in Uganda, while also deepening Digital Inclusion especially amongst young people. Please share this information and check on the Dashboard and give us feedback.

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