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More Public Universities release Admission Lists for Academic Year 2020/2021

Makerere University

Mak remains Uganda’s most preferred & best ranked public university by far. Makerere University, together with its constituent college, Makerere University Business School have jointly admitted 14,263 students. Of these, 7,674 were female and 6,589 were male. This means the numbers of girls exceeded the number of boys. However, most of these girls are admitted to Arts/Humanities programmes. The programmes with biggest enrollment include: Bachelor of Arts with Education-773 (571 female, 202 male); Bachelor of Business Administration (MUBS)-656 (445 female, 211 male); Bachelor of Business Administration (MUBS)-Evening – 532 (289 female, 243 male). Others are Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (374) and Bachelor of Human Resources Management (333). All these were significantly dominated by girls. Meanwhile, science programmes such biomedical, engineering, telecommunications, veterinary, forestry, pharmacy were largely dominated my boys.  But all in all, we can conclude that MUBS, which is under Mak, is a largely "female" campus. Almost in all programmes, girls outnumber boys at MUBS.  Important to note is that Mak will is still inviting applicants to apply to selected programmes starting 24th August -11th Sept. 2020.

Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST).

MUST admitted a total of 1,778, which includes 690 girls and 1,076 boys. MUST is popular with science programmes. Again, girls registered low enrollment into BSc. Computer Engineering, BSc. Education (Phy/Maths), BSc. Software Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.MUST also does not have many arts programmes. After Museveni criticized them for introducing non-science courses into "university of science & technology", they scrapped most of them & designed others by adding "Bachelor of Science" to them.

Busitema University

BU is a multi-campus university, spread across 2 cities & 2 districts in Eastern Uganda. BU admitted 1,760 students (578 female, 1,182 male). A significant number were admitted to the Certificate & Diploma programmes in agriculture. They also admitted many students to the flagship programme, Higher Education Access Certificate (HEAC), especially Bio/Che to produce outputs for its Medical school.  BU is still inviting applicants to apply, from 17th August to 31st August 2020.


All the public universities have released their private admission lists, except Soroti University and Kyambogo University, which we believe will also release soon. Congratulations to those who have been admitted. As can be seen from the different universities, there is no shortage of STEM courses. Instead, there is low enrollment into them. As CSI, we continue to advocate for STEM careers, especially amongst girls. We believe that getting more young people into STEM careers will help alleviate high unemployment rates amongst arts/humanities graduates & also reduce gender-gap (and inequality) in the workplace. We call it STEMinism

Makerere & MUBS Admission List
Mbarara University Admission List
Busitema University Admission List
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