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Gulu University-Private Admissions: Analyzing the Data

Gulu University admission list, under direct entry scheme is out. Generally, this year, Gulu University has admitted more males than females, just like it has been before. Also, females dominated arts courses, and males dominated science courses. Surprisingly, women were more than men in the following courses: Bachelor of Arts Education (Weekday) Main Campus (63%), Bachelor of Laws (60%) and Bachelor of Development Studies (Weekday) Main Campus (71%). These are all arts/humanities.

When we look at science programmes, the males dominate. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of ICT, Bachelor of Science Education are all dominated by men, and females constitute only a tiny percentage. The other important fact the figures reveal is the big number of admission in arts programmes, compared to those science programmes.

As you see from the data below, more needs to done in order to get more women into STEM, and also generally increase the numbers in STEM programmes. More work needs to be done to achieve an acceptable level (balance) in arts vs sciences enrollment, and also female vs male percentage across courses. 

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We helped many young people in their pursuit for higher education, both with career advice and the application procedure. The young people shown below are among the youth we assisted with university applications (March-May) under our Career Assistance Programme.

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