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Since we launched the CSI eLearning Platform two weeks ago, we have received numerous support and inquiries. Many teachers have signed up, and we think when students return back to school, more will sign up as well.

The platform has both secondary school subjects and community courses. We are aware that many young people leave school without learning certain subjects & skills. Yet, the job market is very competitive and favours those with skills and experience. We believe we can bridge this gap, as our slogan says- "skills for development." Our community courses include: 

1. Menstrual Management

This short course is designed for young girls in secondary schools and Desire Asiimwe is course director. We believe it will enhance conversations and knowledge about menstrual health & hygiene, and help girls manage their lives and stay in school more.

2. Digital Skills for Citizens

Digital Skills for Citizens is a free training scheme that provides basic digital skills training to people throughout Uganda. The scheme gives people confidence, motivation and the skills to take their first steps online, so that they can play their part in an increasingly digital world.

3. Understanding Post Secondary Education

Designed for A-level students, to  help them navigate life after secondary school. While it is good to teach students to pass exams, it equally important to let them know how university education works.The aim is to encourage forward progression in education.

4. Science in Society

This covers topics such as Ways of knowing about the world; The nature of Science; Scientific Discoveries; Science, Engineering, Technology and the Economy; Science and Religion; Science and the Humanities; When Science goes Wrong; Pseudo-Science and Anti Science, etc. This course is led by James Opio, together with Ambrose Opio. The core purpose is to encourage young people to pursue STEM careers.

5. Career Guidance for Young People

Without guidance, many young people loose focus and fail to achieve their personal and career dreams. Emmanuel Angoda is the course director, and he uses his own experience and wide exposure to provide insights & inspire the next generation of successful Ugandans.

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