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E-Learning using Moodle Mobile App

The CSI eLearning Platform is developed using moodle, the most popular open-source platform for elearning. This means therefore that you have a range of tools & supports available to meet all your learning targets. 

The Moodle app, available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store, enables learners to access our participatory eLearning platform via the app. The moodle app is small, user-friendly, and stylish.  You just have to enter the e-learning web address on the first screen, after that, you either login or create an account to access the platform. These simple steps are shown below. 

E-Learning using Moodle app

If you are a teacher and want your own course/subject space to use with your students, please let us know and we will be happy to help you, for free (up to 500MBs of space). 

Also, if you are a teacher and want to add content to the platform, you can also let us know, and your account is upgraded to "teacher". 

The CSI eLearning Platform is designed with the principle of educational justice, the need to provide quality access to teachers & resources to all students, and equip them with skills that enable them to succeed tomorrow. 

The CSI eLearning Platform is part of the PESO project (Participatory E-Learning for Student Outcomes) and has been submitted for ITU Innovation Challenges, under the Digital Change Maker challenge category. We hereby invite you to vote for this project, to enable us to progress to the next phase of this global challenge.  Thank you very much. 

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