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Why young people should always apply and ask

In 2008, there was a global financial crisis. Things were very difficult. I was in S.6 and missed many classes, including mock exams because of school fees. However, I didn’t give up. With dad retired and his pension not forthcoming, we had to sell goats and simsim to sort out the fees.

I passed and had to apply to university, irrespective of the situation. I didn’t have money to take the application form and had to download it, fill it and send it using a taxi to Gulu, and my cousin helped me take it to Gulu University. I was later admitted. With no money at home, we sold an old cow (cheaply) and off I went to university, with only money to pay for the hostel (grass-thatched house) and keep me for a few days. I had decided to go to university. To me, it was better to apply, get admitted, go and start studies and be chased away due to fees, than stay home. After 3 days at Gulu University, I saw an advert for a scholarship on one of the university noticeboards. I promptly applied and as they say, the rest is history.

That experience made me start helping students to apply, not just for higher education but other opportunities as well. You see, to apply is to show intent, courage, and desire to change your life. Same thing with asking questions. To ask means you are interested in learning more, understanding more and seeing more. Together with my team at CSI, we work to make sure that young people are assisted to "apply" and "ask", with the belief that they can take some steps to fix their own lives. 

The Careers Assistance Programme, now in its 7th year, will continue to help thousands of students in Lango subregion and wider northern Uganda access higher education. 

University Applications: Who should help students?

I wrote and published this article on May 19, 2017. You can read the whole article here

Support for University Applications during Covid-19 Lockdown

Now that the president has extended the national lockdown, many schools and students remain stuck at home, yet those who passed UACE should be applying for university & other tertiary institutions. Together with my team at CSI, we are providing remote assistance to these students.

There are just 4 steps: 

1. Contact us through social media or our website. 

2. We capture your details using our specially design online form. 

3. We feed your data into the university admissions system. after that, you are provided with a copy of the completed form to proof-read and confirm. 

4. We send you the completed form and payment details. You write these details on a piece of paper, go to the bank and pay the application fee.


This week's beneficiaries...
Obura Geoffrey
He applied for Bachelor of Computer Education at Lira University. He likes machines (computers) and believes he can do well there. He got 10 points (UACE) from Lira Town College .

# Science
Obura Geoffrey
Rosemary Adongo
She has applied for Bachelor of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University. Her second choice is Bachelor of Arts with Education. She obtained 13 points (UACE) from St. Marys College Aboke

# Arts
Rosemary Adongo
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